CNN | The disparities in how black and white men die in gun violence, state by state

Published: 24Apr2018

"The important thing here is that we were able to estimate these differences between black and white men, and that helps us understand health inequalities," said Corinne Riddell, a postdoctoral...

CBC | Montreal's homeless count aims to paint picture of life on the street

Published: 24Apr2018

Volunteers will span out across Montreal this evening in attempt to get an idea of how many people in the city have nowhere to call home. Montreal's second homeless count aims to give policymakers...

Suicide and homicide rates show large racial disparities across U.S. states

Published: 23Apr2018

Southern and Western states have the highest rates of white firearm suicide, while Midwestern states have highest rates of black firearm homicide, according to new research from McGill University....

Bridging Divides: In Search of Sound Public Policies for Energy and Environment in Canada


No topics in Canada are hotter today than new pipelines, carbon pricing, and energy development. There are legitimate policy debates to be had on all of these issues, but opinions seem to be...

Matters of the Heart: Screening of films by Christina Lammer, in collaboration with Wilfried Wisser


    Media@McGill, in collaboration with Social Studies of Medicine and OBORO, presents: M a t t e r s   o f   t h e   H e a r t

Potential gender bias against female researchers in peer review of research grants

Published: 23Apr2018

Female health researchers who applied for grants from Canada's major health research funder were funded less often than male counterparts because of potential bias, and characteristics of peer...

Fac Dev workshop: How Can Understanding SAMPs Make me a Better Teacher?


The Department of Family Medicine at McGill University is pleased to invite you to a Faculty Development Workshop...

Sound and Space Work Group


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