New role in the WMS: Site Administrator

Published: 8Jun2017

A new role, Site Administrator, has been added to the McGill Web Management System (WMS)....

Upcoming WMS feature: Channels Event Search

Published: 8Jun2017

The Web Service Group is working to make it easier for visitors to find and view events on WMS sites, similar to what is on www.mcgill.ca/music/events....

Francois Nicoleau (Nantes)


Local inverse scattering at a fixed energy for radial Schrodinger operators and localization of the Regge poles. 

CIM Award Gala 2017 - Professor Ferri Hassani

Published: 7Jun2017

Congratulations to Professor Ferri Hassani who was the recipient of the CIM 2017 Distinguished Service Medal Award. 

Luis Alvarez wins CaGBC scholarship

Published: 7Jun2017

M.Arch. student Luis Alvarez has won the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) Scholarship for Sustainable Design and Research.

2017 Dean's Orientation BBQ


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Breaking down the myths of health-care management

Published: 7Jun2017

Health care is about serving people. Yet it is being managed badly, with serious consequences to patients, argues celebrated McGill University management professor Henry Mintzberg. He calls it an...

June is Brain Injury Awareness Month

Published: 7Jun2017

Much work to be done to improve diagnosis and treatment ...