Bringing Indigenous perspectives to the classroom

Published: 8Jun2017

By Ki-eun Peck and Parker Finley [McGill Reporter] Allan Vicaire, Indigenous Education Advisor, seeks to build bridges between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students, staff and faculty.

Phishing scam: "Library Account"

Published: 8Jun2017

There is a phishing email circulating advising customers that their library account has expired and that they must click on a fraudulent link in order to reactivate it. See an example of this...

How employers must change to suit Generation Z

Published: 8Jun2017

In a recent piece for Retail TouchPoints, WorkJam’s Joshua Ostrega (BCom’98) discusses the difference between millennials and Generation Z, and how employers should be prepared to mould their...

How to keep showrooming from killing your business

Published: 8Jun2017

Salesfloor CEO and Desautels alumnus Oscar Sachs (BA’96, MBA’99) knows his stuff when it comes to showrooming and the retail overhaul. His company specializes in helping retailers transition into a...

Karl Moore calls LinkedIn the introvert’s secret weapon for networking

Published: 8Jun2017

Desautels Professor Karl Moore writes for Thinkers50 that LinkedIn is the perfect networking tool for introverts, because it lets them communicate with others from the comfort of their own homes or...

Mintzberg on healthcare management and how to fix it

Published: 8Jun2017

In his new book, Managing the Myths of Healthcare, Desautels professor Henry Mintzberg decries the current management culture being foisted on society by leadership programs, describing it as ...

Desautels professor on Bangladesh Government’s bank-deposits tax

Published: 8Jun2017

In a recent piece for The Daily Star, Desautels professor Mo Chaudhury calls the tax on bank deposits in the Government of Bangladesh’s 2017-18 budget a bad call, and gives six examples that...

2nd Annual Conference of the Canadian Society for the Advancement of Gynecologic Excellence


DELTA HOTELS MONTREAL 475 President-Kennedy Avenue Montreal, Quebec  H3A 1J7  Canada Our goals for this meeting include:/medicineCategory: Medicine Research

Recent Developments in the Chemistry of Corrole Macrocycles - Prof. Claude Gros


In the last 15 years, corroles have assumed an important role in the porphyrinoid chemistry.