Hot Cities 2018: From a student’s perspective

Published: 16Apr2018

BCom student Geneviève Côté shares with The McGill Reporter the sights and learnings that dazzled her on this year’s Hot Cities of the World Tour led by Professor Karl Moore....

It’s full speed ahead for the Bensadoun Retail Initiative

Published: 16Apr2018

Almost one year since the Bensadoun Family Foundation announced the landmark gift to McGill University of $25 million, the proposed Bensadoun School of Retail Management has received official...

Whereto for Third-World Approaches to International Law (TWAIL) Scholarship?


The Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism and the Labour Law & Development Research Laboratory invite you to a talk by O'Brien Fellow in Residence Dr Radha D'Souza, University of...

Opening lecture by Yoshua Bengio «Deep Learning for AI»


http://www.crm.math.ca/crm50/deep-learning-for-ai-par-yoshua-bengio-le-l...   /mathstatCategory: Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics

MEI heeds the call for flexible business education

Published: 16Apr2018

With the growing demands of modern life, not everyone can commit the time or money to pursuing a full-time MBA....

Special Chemistry Seminar: Lena Simine - Relating morphology and optical response in soft optoelectronic materials


Electronic and optoelectronic devices based on soft organic and biological polymers may change the way we maintain our environment, generate energy and treat otherwise incurable health conditions,...

Colloque "La Tempête des sciences" - Édition 2018: Partout la science!


Cégep Garneau Organizer : Nathalie Robitaille (Cégep Garneau) Web site : https://tempete.cegepgarneau.ca/index.php /mathstatCategory: Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics

Manulife Prize presented to researcher on a mission to combat lifestyle diseases

Published: 16Apr2018

Dr. Jean-Pierre Després, Professor of Kinesiology at Université Laval and pioneer in developing screening techniques for visceral obesity, was presented with the 2018 Manulife Prize for the...