Interfacing Biomusic and Autism


Interfacing Biomusic and Autism is an interdisciplinary, community-based initiative that focuses on issues that arise when interfacing new technologies with neurodiverse citizens. It consists of four events taking place in community, cultural, and academic venues in Montreal. The event brings together advocates from the local autistic community, academics, and representatives from business, municipal and cultural organizations for an exciting, three-day discussion.

  • April 23, 12.30-16.15: Public town hall, Salon 1861 (open to the public)
  • April 24, 8.00-13.00: Potentialities of Biomusic, Montreal Science Centre (registered participants)
  • April 24, 13.00-17.00: Aesthetics of Biomusic, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (registered participants)
  • April 25, 8.00-12.00: Toward enacting enclusion, CIRMMT (registered participants)

Please visit the event website for further information.

Contact Information

Melissa Park
School of Physical and Occupational Thearpy
melissa.park [at]
Office Phone: 
(514) 928-0133