Purple Day March 26 - A World Day for Epilepsy Awareness

Published: 26 March 2014

The Neuro has been at the forefront of epilepsy treatment and research for over half a century. The “Montreal Procedure” developed by Dr. Wilder Penfield and colleagues revolutionized the surgical...

It’s brain time!

Published: 10 March 2014

A wonder-filled week of the brain

New evidence confirms link between IQ and brain cortex

Published: 4 March 2014

Montreal scientists play key role in long-term international study Rate of change in the thickness of the brain’s cortex is an important factor associated with a person’s change in IQ, according...

B cell study may lead to treatment options for progressive MS

Published: 18 February 2014

MS Society of Canada and MS Scientific Research Foundation announce $3.6 million grant to understanding B cells for future MS therapies The Multiple Sclerosis Society  of Canada and the Multiple...

World renowned scientist Dr. Brenda Milner receives Dan David Prize

Published: 13 February 2014

Dr. Brenda Milner, an active researcher at the age of 95 at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital, McGill University, has been awarded the 2014 Dan David Prize for her fundamental...

Quality control of mitochondria as a defense against disease

Published: 21 January 2014

Scientists from the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital in Canada have discovered that two genes linked to hereditary Parkinson’s disease are involved in the early-stage quality control of...

Training your brain using neurofeedback

Published: 20 January 2014

A new brain-imaging technique for a true brain workout

William Feindel (1918-2014)

Published: 15 January 2014

William Feindel, O.C., G.O.Q., MDCM, D. Phil 1918 – 2014 The Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital, McGill University and the McGill University Health Centre regret to announce the death...

Neuro research is one of ‘Les 10 découvertes de l’année 2013’

Published: 9 January 2014

The BigBrain atlas developed by Dr. Alan Evans and colleagues at The Neuro’s Brain Imaging Centre has been chosen as one of the top 10 discoveries of the year in Quebec Science. BigBrain: a...


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