Teaching and Learning

The broad topic of teaching and learning has been investigated by many of the Centre for Medical Education members. Topics such as teaching clinical skills, small group teaching, teaching communication skills, learning productivity, technology in teaching and learning and more, are the focus of research projects and publications. The results of these analyses contribute to the constant push to improve teaching methods and skills amongst the clinical and basic science teachers of McGill's Faculty of Medicine.

Drs. Peter McLeod and Yvonne Steinert, together with other colleagues, have published on the ABCs of pedagogy and have provided clinical teachers, who rarely receive formal instruction in the basic concepts and principles of education, with important concepts and pedagogic principles in the hopes of increasing teaching effectiveness.

Drs. Saleem Razack and Mary Ellen Macdonald have looked at cultural competency in teaching and learning. This topic is of increasing relevance at McGill, but also across Canada, as the student population is becoming more and more culturally diverse.

Another important research topic has been interprofessional education and practice, which describes the active participation of different professionals learning with, from and about each other. Some Centre members have looked at aspects of interprofessional education, such as a study on interprofessional education and faculty development.

For a list of Centre Members' recent publications on the topic, please read here [.doc].