Research Activities

Research at the Centre

Research and development is one of the main priorities of the Centre for Medical Education. Members of the Centre publish on a regular basis on a variety of topics within the realm of medical education. Major research domains at the Centre include: Professionalism and Professional Identity Formation; Faculty Development and Continuing Professional Development (CPD); Innovations in Teaching and Learning; Assessment and Program Evaluation; Decision-Making and Clinical Reasoning; and Education and Health Care Systems.

In addition, these research domains are informed by four interconnected and often synergistic cross-cutting goals and strategies: Advancement of Theory and Research Methodology; Development of Policy and Practice; Knowledge Translation; and Social Accountability.

Peer Review at the Centre for McGill IRB

Submission to the McGill IRB is mandatory for all research projects (educational or otherwise) that involve human subjects.  Please contact centre.meded [at] if you would like to schedule a peer review.