Reading corner

To deepen your knowledge of urban studies or simply to immerse yourself in the spirit of Montreal, CIRM offers a list of readings with commentary, including works presented during its seminars. Just click on the cover of the books to find out what our members think.

New titles — scholarly and fiction, in English and in French — are added periodically. Subscribe to our newsletter so as not to miss anything, and enjoy your reading!


  • Book “De la ville intelligente à la ville intelligible”

  • Book “Us versur Them: Race, Crime, and Gentrification in Chicago Neighbordhoods”

  • Couverture du livre "Les mystères de Montréal par M. Ladébauche" book cover

  • Couverture du livre "Tout ce qu'on ne te dira pas, Mongo" book cover

  • Couverture du livre "Architecture iconique"

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