Courses on Montreal

CIRM members participate in the development of Montreal Studies through a diversified offer of courses, intersecting a variety of research disciplines. A list of undergraduate and graduate courses focused on Montréal and offered by members of the Centre in different Québec universities is available here.

Fall 2021

Course title University Professor

HIST 2875: Histoire de Montréal - Ville d'Amérique/du monde

Description: This course focuses on the global history of Montreal from its distant origins to the present day. It outlines the major stages in the history of the city considered as a crossroads city, in relation to the dynamic local, continental, and global scale. The course examines this history by seeking to uncover the contributions of the various groups of people, resources, and materials used to build the city, as well as the ideas and social movements that shaped it. In short, it about inscribing the history of the city in economic, social, and cultural exchange flows by intersecting the scales of observation from the local to the global, via the regional.


Université de Montréal Prof. Michèle Dagenais

QCST 200: Introduction to the Study of Quebec

Description: Introduction to the ideas and approaches that scholars have used and developed to study Quebec, including some of the foremost issues that have shaped Quebec historically and continue to influence contemporary life. The changing notions about territory, identity, language, citizenship and belonging, the complexity and diversity of Quebec (11 Aboriginal nations, multilingual, multiethnic and religious communities, minority status within Canada) will also be explored from a comparative perspective to identify characteristics that Quebec shares with other nations and those that are different.


McGill University Mary Anne Poutanen

Winter 2022

Course title University Professor


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