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Contributing to Montreal’s social development

Coordinated by CIRM, the activities of the Social Data Hub involve setting up an infrastructure for data exchange, analysis, and consulting that will help make better use of the knowledge of Montreal’s population developed by both the academic community and partner organizations, taking into account the latter’s own mission, needs, and issues. The platform thus created will buildthe capacity of the organizations involved to understand the issues specific to Montreal communities, and to offer solutions and projects likely to resolve them.

Acquiring, sharing, analyzing, and publishing results through a common platform involves manychallenges, technological and otherwise. Among other things, CIRM and its partners will have to develop a data governance model meeting the expectations, needs, and requirements of public and not-for-profit organizations, in addition to allowing secure data exchange.


Lead project partners

CIRMbenefitsfromcollaboration with several organizations, both in data collection and in the development and validation of the tool:


CIRM’s working team

Behind the Hub’s development is a team of researchers and practitioners with a wide range of expertise.

Principal Investigator: Pascal Brissette – Associate Professor, McGill/CIRM

Coordinator: karolyne.arseneault [at] (Karolyne Arsenault) – Project Manager, CIRM

  • Stéphan Gervais — Scientific Coordinator, CIRM
  • Audray Fontaine— Knowledge MobilizationCoordinator, CIRM
  • Ana Brandusescu — Professor of Practice, CIRM
  • Luc Véronneau — President, Véronneau Techno. Conseil Inc.
  • Arzen Chan — Research Assistant, CIRM
  • Julie Levasseur — Research Assistant, CIRM
  • Julien Vallières — Research Assistant, CIRM
  • Jean-Maxime Noiseux — Research Assistant, CIRM (spring–summer 2019)
  • Julia Yingling — Research Assistant, CIRM (spring–summer 2019)
  • Marjolaine St-Arnaud – Innovation and Strategic Content Advisor, Montreal Urban Innovation Lab (MUIL)


Related events

Seminar | De la ville intelligente à la ville intelligible (October 29, 2020)

This seminar brought together a panel of experts in urban studies, innovation, and data governance to provoke in-depth reflection on the deployment of new technologies in cities in relation to the resolution of contemporary crises, in light of the book De la ville intelligente à la ville intelligible published in 2019 by Presses de l'Université du Québec. The video recording is available here.

Lecture | Data Governance for Sharing Smart City Data: Lessons from Sidewalk Toronto (September 25, 2019)

Data governance for data sharing — particularly where some or all of the data are sourced from human activity — raises issues of ownership, privacy, ethics and even sovereignty. This presentation organized by CIRM and the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy in company of Teresa Scassa (Ottawa U.) examines these issues with a particular focus on the Urban Data Trust proposed in Sidewalk LabsMaster Innovation Development Plan for Toronto’s Quayside Development.


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