The McConnell Professor of Practice Program


The McConnell Professor of Practice program, supported by the McConnell Foundation, serves to attract, each year, a recognized professional on the international stage in a domain related to CIRM's six research-action axes.

The invited professor uses his or her expertise to enrich, by his or her teaching and participation in the diverse activities offered by CIRM, the university curriculum of students. Moreover, he or she reinforces the connections between professors, researchers and members of the community, locally and internationally.


As an independent researcher, advisor and facilitator, Ana Brandusescu has worked on open contracting reform, open access for UN agencies, closing the gender gap, and developing courses on AI for OpenNorth’s One-to-One Advisory Service. As a Professor of Practice and OpenNorth Fellow, she will design and implement a research agenda on artificial intelligence (AI).
Involved with CIRM since 2016, Prof. Gorka Espiau will be returning as the McConnell Foundation Professor of Practice for the third consecutive year!
For the second year in a row, Gorka Espiau pursues his work with multiple researchers, practitioners and organizations, both local and international, to contribute to social innovation in the city.





Backed by his extensive experience, Gorka Espiau brings to Montreal and to CIRM an international outlook on the social transformations taking place in the city.
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