Resident Scholars since 2014

CIRM's Resident Scholar program welcomes each year an emergent researcher whose work related to Montréal and the city is part of at least one of its six research-action axes and contributes to CIRM's interdisciplinary research initiatives as well as its various activities.​ For more information about the Resident Scholars Program, please contact stephan.gervais [at] (Stéphan Gervais), CIRM's Scientific Coordinator.


> Affiliation: Department of Literature and Languages, Université de Montréal

> Residency: 2019-2020

> marie.leconte [at] (Email)

> Affiliation: Faculty of Linguistic, Philology, and Phonetics, University of Oxford

> Residency: 2019-2020

> beatrice.rea [at] (Email)

Paul-Etienne Rainville

> Affiliation: Department of History, University of Toronto

> Residency: 2019-2020

> Paul-Etienne.Rainville [at] (Email)

> Affiliation: Quebec Studies Program, McGill University

> Residency: 2019-2020

> mary-anne.poutanen [at] (Email)

Steven Lapidus

> Affiliation: Institute for Canadian Jewish Studies, Concordia University

> Residency: 2019-2020

> steven.lapidus [at] (Email)

> Affiliation: School of Interactive Arts & Technology, Simon Fraser University

> Residency: 2018-2019

> claude.fortin3 [at] (Email)

> Affiliation: Faculty of Urban Planning, Université de Montréal

> Residency: 2018-2020

> imenbenjemia [at] (Email)

> Affiliation: English Studies, Université de Montréal

> Residency: 2017-2019

> [at] (Email)

> Affiliation: History and Theory of Architecture, Harvard University

> Residency: 2016-2017

> AEconomides [at] (Email)

> Affiliation: McCord Museum

> Residency: 2015-2016

> lapoima [at] (Email)

> Affiliation: Department of Geography, McGill University

> Residency: 2014-2015

> victoria.slonosky [at] (Email)

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