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Libertad Castro-Colina

Libertad Castro-Colina

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Club Populaire de Consommateurs

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montrealmiscelaneos [at] (> Email)


Selected publications

Libertad Castro-Colina & É. Montpetit. "The role of scientific excellence in the changing meaning of maize in Mexico", Review of Policy Research, vol XXXV, no 1, 2018, pp. 12-30.

Libertad Castro-Colina, Sova C. A., Martinez Baron D. et Saravia, D. Mapping different level actors’influence for Central America policies: climate change and agriculture. Documents CCAFS no. 87. CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS). Copenhagen, Denmark, 2016. Online:

Libertad Castro-Colina; Martinez-Ramos M.; Sanchez-Coronado M.E.; Huante P.; Mendoza, A. et Orozco- Segovia A. "Effect of hydropriming and acclimation treatments on Quercus rugosa acorns and seedlings", European Journal of Forest Research, vol. CXXXI, no 3, 2012, pp. 747-756.

Sanchez-Coronado, M. E.; Coates, R.; Castro-Colina L.; Gamboa de Buen, A.; Paez-Valencia, J.; Barradas, V.; Huante, P. & Orozco-Segovia, A. "Improving seed germination and seedling growth of Omphalea oleifera (Euphorbiaceae) for restorations projects in tropical rain forests", Forest Ecology and Management, no 243, 2007, pp. 144-155.

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