The CIRM joins the movement

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Published: 16 November 2018

CIRM is proud to announce that two of its projects join the Je fais Montréal movement : the Urban Living Challenge and La faim et ses moyens : des récits à l'action citoyenne!

Selected among over 250 applications, they have been included in the list of 53 new projects focusing on issues related to the circular economy, citizen participation, sustainable mobility and social innovation, unveiled for the 4th anniversary of Je fais Montréal.


Urban Living Challenge - Montréal

Developped in partnership with HEC Montréal, the Urban Living Challenge is an interuniversity student competition aimed at developing projects that will help improve the quality of life of Montrealers, and mobilize stakeholders of Montréal's innovation ecosystem around issues related to sustainability.

Discover the project.


La faim et ses moyens : des récits à l'action citoyenne

A pilot of the Observatoire des récits de Montréal, this project aims to create a laboratory that will be used to process, store, consult and analyze, in georeferenced and time-stamped datasets on Montréal and its populations. This social intelligence tool could be used by the partners of the Conseil alimentaire montréalais.

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