Canada's national security institutions have fallen woefully behind | Policy Options


Published: 11Nov2022

November 3, 2022 | The article, written by MPP Candidate Jack Burnham, was based on a discussion held in McGill University which focused on " The future of national security in the world of the "n-block war." Panelists included Jennifer Welsh, Ali Dizboni and Vincent Rigby, while the panel was moderated by Andrew Potter

From the war in Ukraine to combatting foreign interference in its elections, Canada remains unprepared to confront a rapidly shifting security environment defined by an international order in transition and the growing interaction between domestic and global extremism. Professor Rigby mentioned that Canada has not revised its national security strategy since 2004, a misstep compounded by Ottawa's lack of review of its foundational legislation. For Canada to operate effectively within this evolving landscape, its place within the global order must be reconsidered, social and security policy-making should be effectively merged and its national institutions must be reformed. 

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