Blog post | A Starting Point: Transversal Questions and Recommendations for Montreal’s Digital Data Charter


Published: 8Feb2021
The skyscrapers of Montreal as seen from Mount Royal, in the fall, under a blue sky with a few white clouds.

Response to the City of Montreal’s public consultation on Montreal’s Digital Data Charter

Written by Jess Reia and Ana Brandusescu

Montreal’s Digital Data Charter, as presented for public consultation, is a good start. The document, with its 13 principles, represents a first step toward better data governance and digital rights at the municipal level. Montreal has been in the spotlight for its technology industry, as an artificial intelligence hub and recently, as a smart city. In a context where digital data assumes such a prominent role, it is important to safeguard fundamental rights and build a solid regulatory framework, while promoting an innovative environment. We therefore recommend a few changes to the consultation process and to the Charter’s principles.

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