Core Facilities

Advanced BioImaging Facility (ABIF)

The largest platform that we have developed in the CIS is the Advanced BioImaging Facility (ABIF). The strongest feature of the facility is the expertise and support provided to faculty, staff and students by Dr. Brown, who is the Director of the ABIF, and her team, who train all users and maintain the systems at the highest operational standards. Dr. Brown works closely with Dr. Shrier who serves as the Scientific Director and together they join with Drs. Orlowski and Hanrahan to form a management team. In fact, Drs. Brown and Shrier belong to the Association of Biomedical Resource Facilities (ABRF), which brings together the major Proteomic, Genomic and Imaging Facilities Worldwide and in particular, North America and Europe. They attend the annual meeting to learn about technology development and network with core facility scientists. Dr. Brown has a leadership role in the ABRF as the Chair of the Light Microcopy Research Group and a co-organizer of the light microscopy track at the annual meeting.

The ABIF has provided training and workshops that transfer knowledge to users on a regular basis. Since 2008, there have over 60 workshops or courses offered by the ABIF and over 570 one-on-one training sessions. Dr. Brown has also organized the highly successful Montreal Light Microscopy Course (, which has attracted more than 100 national and international participants including an extraordinary group of lecturers from Oxford, the Pasteur and leading institutions in the Canada and the United States. The course offers an annual fundamentals course and a bi-annual frontiers course. Over 50 corporations have participated in the MLMC and each year they bring fundamental and cutting-edge equipment. Since 2011, the FCCF has organized and hosted 8 seminars and 2 workshops to inform users about new flow cytometry technology.

In 2007, Dr. Brown and Shrier initially created and co-coordinated the Physiology Course PHGY560, “Light Microcopy for the Life Sciences”. To our knowledge this was the first course of its kind offered in Canada.

Flow Cytometry Core Facility (FCCF)

 Mr. Ken MacDonald manages the FCCF in conjunction with Diane Ethier. Dr. Russel Jones, a member of the Department of Physiology and the Cancer Centre, serves as the Scientific Director. The FCCF nicely complements the ABIF with regards to fluorescence based cell assessment. Indeed, the FCCF is adjacent to the ABIF and staff members from the FCCF and ABIF share a common office. The FCCF team provides extensive training and support to the entire life science research community that will be detailed in the FCCF Performance Review.

SPR-MS Facility

Thanks to newly renovated space in the Physiology Department (Room 1254, McIntyre Building), McGill established a unique SPR-MS Facility in Summer 2014.  The facility houses leading-edge Mass Spectrometry (MS) thanks to 2014 CFI awards to Drs. Multhaup and Lukacs (high-performance MALDI-TOF/TOF system: Bruker UltrafleXtreme including ImagePrep unit for MALDI tissue imaging), as well as Dr. Trempe (high-performance LC-MS (ESI-QTOF) system: Bruker Impact II with Dionex UHPLC for micro/nano flow;  These complementary systems enable exciting new workflows, including label-free “molecular histology” (MALDI-MSI) and ultra-high resolution proteomics of native protein complexes (ESI-MS).  The facility also houses Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) for label-free, real-time binding kinetics (GE Healthcare BIACORE 3000 system relocated from the Duff Medical Building) and/or innovative “SPR-MS” (i.e. tandem SPR and MS to isolate and identify novel binding partners).

SPR-MS Rm 1254 - McIntyre Floorplan and Equipment [.pdf]   

Two Core Facilities - Bellini Floorplan  [.pdf]

Key Equipment - Bellini  [.pdf] 



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