The main focus of the Cell Information Systems (CIS) Group at McGill University is to study the fundamental properties of membrane proteins, particularly ion channels, carriers and receptors, as well as intracellular proteins that govern cell function and communication. The overall aim is to identify and characterize the contributions of these proteins to normal cellular functions and pathophysiological processes.

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Co-localization of hERG and Lysosomal Markers

NeuN Staining of Mouse Brain Highlighting the Hippocampus

Conformational dynamics of the cystic fibrosis channel nucleotide binding domain

Spiral Wave in Chick Embryonic Cardiac Cell Monolayer

Expression of NHE6 in Hippocampal neurons

iGluR Single Channels

GABA Receptor Structure

iGluR Structures

Cerebellum Cobalt Staining

Synaptic Activity in All Amacrine Cells

Bifurcation in Spontaneous Beating of Heart Cell Aggregates

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