Career Guides

The Career Development Office publishes several handbooks to assist you in your career search process. These handbooks are compilations of useful information such as application deadlines, addresses and contact names for legal employers, and useful websites. They also provide helpful hints for writing résumés and cover letters, tips for interviews and other valuable information on recruitment processes.

These handbooks are free for McGill Law students, and can be downloaded from our restricted downloads page.

Access to the documents, for all the Guides listed below, is restricted to members of the McGill University community.

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The Career Development Guide

A bilingual guide to help students plan their career strategy throughout their studies and explore different avenues before making a final career choice. It offers information and tips on job searching and career planning for law students, as well as non-traditional summer and career opportunities.

Also included are testimonials from accomplished McGill Law alumni willing to share their advice and insights, which should prove helpful as you steer through the many opportunities available with your law degree in hand.

Price: $53.16, including shipping and handling (free for McGill Law students).

International Law Career Guide

This bilingual guide offers extensive information and tips on how to plan for a variety of careers, obtain funding for studies and search for a job in international law.

Testimonials throughout the guide illustrate the wide range of options and approaches that are available to individuals who want to pursue a legal career in the international market.

Price: $45.00 ($35 for alums; free for McGill Law students)

Public Interest Career Guide

This guide works as a comprehensive tool for students interested in obtaining internships and developing careers in a variety of public interest disciplines, such as human rights, social justice, sustainable development, democracy, and more. Advice is provided about creating an application package, networking and obtaining funding. It includes a listing of over 100 organizations in Canada and abroad that offer student internships. Student, professor and legal professional testimonials are offered highlighting some important aspects of a successful career search.

Please note: The 7th Edition of the Public Interest Career Guide is now online!

Price: $40 ($30 for alums; free for McGill Law students).

Graduate Law Students' Career Guide

This guide compiles information on academic positions, employment opportunities and job search strategies for graduate students.

The guide includes information to help you assess your career options, including bar requirements in different jurisdictions, special considerations and tips for foreign students, recruitment process information, tips on planning an academic career or non-traditional careers, and much more.

Price: $35 ($25 for alums; free for McGill Law students).

Smaller Firms and Solo Practitioners

Ce guide pratique sur les cabinets de petite taille ou de taille moyenne en est à sa première édition. Il comporte un éventail très riche de stratégies et d'informations qui ouvrent la porte à une carrière de juriste au sein d'un cabinet à échelle humaine.

Joining a firm of this size will require that you step off the beaten path of standard recruitment. It will require positive efforts to locate firms and make contacts. It will demand effective networking skills. Hard work, perhaps - but the rewards will be enormous.

Price: $30 ($20 for alums; free for McGill Law students).