Bar Requirements

The following section is meant to serve as an overview of the application process for both Canadian and American bars. Students are responsible for ensuring that they meet the necessary deadlines and requirements. For more information concerning the application process, please consult the websites of each law society or bar association.  

Required documents

Students completing their bar applications should [at] (contact the SAO) for documents concerning their academic standing, such as confirmation of registration or graduation.

    Students who are required to send an official copy of their transcript directly from McGill as part of their bar application should note that this can be done either in person through Service Point or online through Minerva.

    NB: students applying to the Law Society of Upper Canada must email the SAO to submit a letter attesting to the fact the student has completed the program requirements, as official transcripts are usually unavailable before the LSUC deadline. The LSUC does not share the list of applicants with the SAO, so it is students' responsibility to ensure the SAO will send a letter of attestation. This may also be the case for students applying to any Bar other than the Barreau du Québec, which forwards a list of applicants to the SAO.

    Commissioner of Oaths

    The Legal Information Clinic at McGill provides a free Commissioner of Oaths service. Just bring your originals, photocopies and a piece of government I.D. during their opening hours.

    Students on exchange can usually have an oath commissioned at any Canadian embassy or consulate. It is also possible in some situations for students on exchange in civil law jurisdictions to have a civil law notary commission their oaths. It is important to check with the Law Society to which you are applying to ensure you follow the appropriate procedure.