Water Information System Experts (WISE) Meeting

St. Lucia, June 7-10, 2011

CARIWIN collaborated with the Caribbean Environmental Health Institute and the United Nation's Global Environment Facility Integrated Watersheds and Coastal Areas Management project to host a four-day Water Information Systems Expert Meeting for the Caribbean Region, bringing together senior water managers, technical experts and researchers from twelve countries.

Mr. Herbert Emmanuel, Permanent Secretary in the St-Lucia Ministry of Agriculture, applauded the organisers and participants for responding to the challenge of mainstreaming Water Information Systems and working collaboratively toward a common water policy for the region.

Significant outcomes from the event include

1) a draft protocol to promote standardization of water quality monitoring and hydro-meteorological monitoring in the Caribbean region

2) a web-based forum for Water Information Systems Experts to discuss and knowledge-share regarding use of spatial applications (Caribbean WISE group on facebook) 


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