Cost, Registration & Logistics

& Logistics

Eligibility & Requirements

Attendance is restricted to organizations representing the recruiting needs of the participating organization. Promotion of products and/or services for any other purpose is not permitted.

We will open registration for the Winter 2021 event on November 16, 2020, and Companies/Employers must register by the January 13, 2021 deadline in order to participate.

Virtual Event Logistics & Help Guides:

Employers will access their virtual booth(s) via the Eventus web platform :

Step-by-step booth set-up guide

EVENTUS booth set-up video

For company representatives attending the virtual fair, please review these best-practice guides to ensure the event is a success for you and our students:-

5 Tips for Company Representatives to Properly Prepare for the Virtual Fair

Booth Video Room Troubleshooting Tips (Employer)

Packages & Fees

The cost to register for the TechFair depends on the pricing package you select (Standard or Premium).

You may register for one day only due to high demand (February 3 OR February 4).  

Virtual TechFair Winter 2021 pricing



Cancellation Policy

A full refund of all fees will be authorized as long as the cancellation request is received (by email) by the deadline, (January 13, 2021).  No refund will be issued for cancellation requests that are made after the indicated deadline. 

About the Virtual Career Fair Platform

The virtual career fair platform will be supplied by Eventus (

Step-by-step booth set-up guide

EVENTUS booth set-up video 


►STEP 1: PRE-registration on myFuture

NEW myFuture User ⇒

  1. Go to
  2. Complete the online pre-registration form for access to myFuture
  3. You will receive an email confirmation with your username and password
  4. Once your account is activated, follow the steps below to pre-register for the TechFair

Existing myFuture User ⇒

  1. Login to
  2. Click the “Events tab” then select Virtual Engineering TechFair February 2021
  3. Complete and submit the online TechFair PRE-registration form
  4. You will receive a confirmation by email
    If you do not receive a confirmation, please email careers4engineers [at]


►STEP 2: Credit Card Payment

In order to complete the registration and process with the payment for your participation, a link to access our Online Payment System will be sent to you shortly. Only credit card payments are accepted.


►STEP 3: Booth* Configuration

As the final step in the registration process, you will be sent link(s) from the Eventus platform and invited to set up your virtual booth(s) in advance of the event.

*Booths: At an in-person fair, a company would have 2 representatives (or more) at one table/booth. For the virtual fair we do not have tables, we have booths that can accommodate one live company representative for the day. The standard package will come with 2 links to set up 2 company booths and the premium package will come with 5 links to set up 5 company booths. Each booth can accommodate up to 48 students in live one-on-one chat sessions over the time period. Each booth must have its own name. Exemple, if your company has 3 booths: Company ABC-IT; Company ABC-Energy; Company ABC-Construction.


TechFair Terms and Conditions

Upon registration, the corporation or organization ("The Organization") and McGill University Technology Career Fair Committee ("The Committee") agree to the following:

  1. Upon registration completion, the Organization assumes all costs as outlined in the registration package and on the invoice. In case of any discrepancy between the invoice and the prices advertised, the advertised price prevails.
  2. The Organization agrees to provide and complete all necessary and applicable fields within the myFuture Portal' preliminary Registration Form. the Organization agrees to and/or alter any information within the required fields, if requested by the Committee. Once this form is completed, the Organization will receive a STEP ONE: Confirmation Email and await further instructions for STEP TWO: Registration Fees Payment to be received by email.
  3. The Organization will receive a STEP TWO: Registration Fees Payment email with instructions on how to pay the required registration fees. The Organization agrees to pay the registration fee amount in full, within the deadline date indicated on the email. Failure to complete payment by the indicated deadline date will render the Organization’s preliminary registration null and void.
  4. Cancellation Policy: A full refund of all fees will be authorized as long as the cancellation request is received via email to careers4engineers [at] by the deadline, TBD.
  5. The Organization agrees that all logistical procedures (including virtual platform, price and hours of the event) are entirely at the discretion of the Committee.
  6. Should the event be cancelled by the members of the Committee, the amount paid by the Organization for the registration will be reimbursed in full using the same method of payment.
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