Senior Research Systems Administrator (MR1986)

McGill University - Human Resources
Position Title: 
Sr Research Systems Admin (IST3F)
Position Summary: 

Provide for the planning, development, implementation and maintenance of information systems policies and programs for the McConnell Brain Imaging Centre required to maximize unit effectiveness, respond to the needs of students and staff, and support the University's mission of teaching and research. Provide services related to business application, infrastructure and operations, customer support, information security including instructional development, help desk support for students, staff, faculty and the delivery of Information Technology (IT) training workshops for the University community.

Supports the IT infrastructure for the McConnell Brain Imaging Centre with emphasis on the daily operational administration, evolution, maintenance and security. Assures the reliability, stability and availability of all IT infrastructure components. Builds and delivers systems to the business and diagnoses issues impacting systems and applications. Develop and implement information system strategies that support the needs of the Unit. Integrate information systems strategy and policy with the unit planning process.

Primary Responsibilities: 
  • Install, configure, and maintain technical systems to support business processing requirements.
  • Provide Level 2 and 3 technical support, assist in the evaluation of new products and services, and may manage vendor service level agreements.
  • Install and troubleshoot systems to ensure functional objectives of the business are met.
  • Implement and maintain system management software, as well as research, analyze, and implement software patches and hardware modifications to resolve deficiencies.
  • Perform capacity and resource planning by assessing risks and developing contingency plans.
  • Support and schedule operating systems installations and upgrades, as well as layered software packages, in accordance with established IT policies and procedures.
  • Configure and maintain physical and logical components.
  • Monitor, analyze, and tune the technical system to achieve optimal performance levels.
  • Ensure compliance with established standards, policies, and configuration guidelines.
  • Develop and maintain a comprehensive technical system configuration and database library of all supporting documentation.
  • Schedules, installs, upgrades and maintains operating systems and software.
  • Recommend strategies on modelling, physical design and application tuning.
  • Assists in the recommendation of strategies for data center and infrastructure management from business continuity, disaster recovery, monitoring, storage, security.
  • Routinely audits hardware and software to ensure compliance with established standards, policies, procedures, and configuration guidelines.
  • Implements and use backup and restore techniques.
  • Mentors less experienced Systems Specialist on an ongoing and often formal basis.
Minimum Education & Experience: 

Undergraduate Degree

Five (5) years' related experience

Other Qualifying Skills And/Or Abilities: 
Demonstrated Experience with system shell scripting: Bourne shell, Perl, Python, etc. Demonstrated experience with centralized configuration management systems (ie,cfengine, salt, ansible). Demonstrated experience with IP protocols and their applications: LDAP (OpenLDAP), SMTP (sendmail, postfix), HTTP (apache, nginx), DNS (bind), SNMP, TLS/SSL, etc, and debugging/tracing network tools like tcpdump, wireshark. Experience with design and configuration of Highly Available (HA) systems (Pacemaker, Corosync, etc.) to create RAS (Reliable, Available, Servicable) systems and services. Experience with large scale storage systems using Hardware Raid controllers (LSI, 3Ware) and other tools like Linux Logical Volume Manager (LVM), DRBD (Data Replication Block Device) to create high-bandwith and/or highly available storage systems.
Reference Number: 
Reporting To: 
Director-Brain Imaging Centre
Salary Range: 
(Grade 07) $67,300 - $89,800 (midpoint) - $116,800
Faculty of Medicine
MNI Brain Imaging Centre
Position Type: 
Hours Per Week: 
How To Apply: 

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