Role Profile Description - ADM2B

Role Profile: 
Job Family:
Sub Family:
Research Administration
Job Family Summary: 

Provision of the efficient and effective operation of a University unit, in support of teaching, research and administration, in accordance with the unit's goals and objectives and ensuring coherence with the University's mission and culture. This includes the planning, development and implementation of all administrative processes and supporting policies for a unit; the development of standards, practices and systems; the provision of a liaison function with other University units and with external organizations. It also includes the provision of leadership, professional advice and functional guidance in shaping the University's mission in coherence with its values and culture; authoritative advisory services and administrative support for decision-making at the senior administration level; development, implementation and monitoring of archives and records management services; comprehensive integrated record keeping policies and procedures; the management of contracts, grants, or other formal relationships; interpretation and application of University regulations, policies and guidelines; translation services; maintenance of governing bodies and committees, and protection of University symbols.

Key Roles: 

Facilitate, coordinate, enhance and promote McGill's research and development activities and the transfer of research findings, thereby furthering McGill's reputation as a leading research university in Canada and the world. Deliver or support the delivery of research administration and/or ethics review services to a faculty/department/unit in situations where there a variety of practices and precedents. Develop and implement procedures and/or controls to enhance the operation of the unit and provide administrative direction regarding the unit's goals and objectives. Undertake in-depth analysis of files/complex issues, articulate alternatives and recommend course of action. Provide expertise and advice to researchers and/or faculty/department/units on external funding programs, grants, research ethics and related issues. Participate in the implementation of policies and new initiatives that support the strategic direction of the faculty/department/unit by keeping abreast of new developments and trends, specifically in areas such as external funding programs, grants, research ethics and external agency regulations.

Typical Functions: 
  • Administer and promote diverse funding programs via e-mail or the unit's web page.
  • Monitor funding sources, maintain database of deadlines and ensure appropriate communication to the research community on new programs, deadlines, changes to programs, submission procedures, regulatory changes, etc.
  • Research, develop and promote standards and practices required for compliance of University processes with external agencies regulations.
  • Perform site inspections and verify compliance with regulations.
  • Provide information, advice and guidance to researchers and/or faculty/department/unit on the preparation of proposals and/or ethics applications, and on the interpretation of funding/regulatory agencies rules and regulations, and University policies and procedures.
  • Provide information and support to grant holders, candidates and academic units.
  • Review submissions for quality, accuracy and compliance with University policies and procedures, funding and regulatory agencies' rules and regulations. Suggest or make changes, as appropriate. Prepare guidance and checklists for the major funding agencies.
  • Identify programs that best fit new faculty members and provide assistance in procedures for submitting proposals.
  • Analyze, review and assess information received by granting and regulatory agencies.
  • Is signing authority within area of responsibility, as required.
  • Make presentations at information/orientation sessions.
  • Compile statistics and data for inclusion in University and external reports, and coordinate and oversee the production of publications and other materials.
  • Maintain database on research, consortium and transfer of funds agreements.
  • Liaise with research community, affiliated hospitals, external regulatory and governmental agency personnel.
  • Supervise support staff.
  • Organize and/or attend meetings and conferences; oversee site and accreditation visits, educational programs, and special events. May represent unit at internal and/or external meetings or function as record-keeper and ensure follow-up of business.
  • Undertake special projects.
Education and Experience: 

Undergraduate degree
Three (3) years' related experience