Abstract Guidelines - 2022

General Guidelines

  • Only students/trainees are permitted to submit an abstract. (One must be enrolled in a university to be considered a trainee)
  • The first author is considered the primary and presenting author.
  • Only 1 abstract may be submitted per first author.
  • Previously submitted abstracts (to the Cardiovascular Research Day) should not be resubmitted.
  • You must select the appropriate category for your abstract, either “Basic Science” or “Clinical or Population Health Research”.
  • You must indicate at least 3 keywords, up to 5.
  • Please indicate your preferred presentation style of oral or poster presentation.
  • Abstracts will be allocated to either oral or poster presentation based on the author’s preference, blinded peer review evaluation and the organizing committee’s final decision.
  • The Scientific Planning Committee may encourage an oral presentation.
  • All presenting authors must complete a registration form.
  • Any accompanying supervisor or colleague (i.e. who plan to attend) must complete a registration form as well.

​Abstract Guidelines

  • The word limit is 400 words, excluding the title.
  • Author’s names and affiliations do not impact the word count.
  • Any abstract exceeding 400 words will be cut to length without notice.
  • No tables or figures may be included in the abstract.
  • No references, credits or grant support should be included in the abstract.
  • You must follow the general accepted structure of an abstract

Background: A brief statement of the purpose of the study.
Method: A statement of the method(s) of investigation.
Results: A summary of the results presented in sufficient detail to support conclusions.
Conclusion: A brief statement of results reached – it is not acceptable to state “the results will be discussed”.

  • All abbreviations must be spelled in full the first time they appear, with abbreviations in parenthesis. Please keep abbreviated terms to a minimum.
  • Use numerals to indicate numbers except to begin sentences.
  • Use non-proprietary (generic) names for drugs.
  • Do not include the names or any personal information from patient participants.
  • Abstracts containing identical, or nearly-identical, sentences, paragraphs or sections will not be eligible for an award or an oral presentation.
  • You are responsible to proofread your abstract. No spelling or grammar verification will be made. Note that abstracts will be published without any editing (except for length)



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