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Peer Educator Program

The mission of the CaPS Peer Educator Program is to provide positive career assistance for undergraduate and graduate McGill students, primarily through professionally supported initiatives: Outreach & Liaison, Advertising & Publicity, and Education. Through the actions of committed volunteers, leadership and standards of excellence, we are assisting students in achieving their highest potential as they explore their career options.

The Role of the Peer Educator

Peer Educators are the link between all McGill students and CaPS. The program is designed to raise awareness of the services offered by CaPS by having a group of dynamic students represent us on campus.

There are three major roles that a Peer Educator can take on:

  • Outreach and Liaison (i.e. helping to facilitate events, having a presence in high traffic areas on campus)
  • Advertising & Publicity (i.e. distributing information, postering around campus)
  • Education (i.e. giving Info Sessions, reviewing CVs).

Note: A person is not limited to one role and can easily overlap into each of the three roles. 

It is up to you how much time you would like to commit and what area you would like to work in. We suggest a minimum of two hours a week on average (we understand during midterms and exam periods this commitment cannot always be met). We encourage you to try all three roles to see which area you like the most.

Benefits of Being a Peer Educator and How to Volunteer

There are several benefits in becoming a Peer Educator. You can:

  • Improve your leadership skills
  • Get involved on campus
  • Teach your peers valuable career related skills
  • Learn about the work environment
  • Network and be on the cutting edge of the job hunt
  • Be a part of our enthusiastic team of students

How to Contact Us

If you are interested in volunteering for CaPS, send us an email or drop by the CaPS office in the Brown Building and pick up an application form. We are always looking for new volunteers.

Peer Educator Program Coordinator
Tel: 514-398-3304 x0761
Email: caps [dot] cpe [at] mcgill [dot] ca

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