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Industry Insider Series

This series features industry professionals dishing the insider scoop on how their industries work and the kinds of roles within them.

Ep 01: Artificial Intelligence

In this episode, Jacomo Corbo, Ph.D., gives the inside scoop on careers in AI and talks about:

  • How data science is a horizontal field that applies across diverse industries
  • Why graduate STEM degrees provide job-seekers with an edge
  • The vital bridge between software engineering and machine learning
  • What computer science majors should know to get a machine learning job
  • The shift from provably optimal approaches to experimentation

Ep 02: Policy - Consulting

In this episode, Mario Iacobacci, Ph.D., gives the inside scoop on careers in Policy consulting and talks about:

  • How written communication skills are crucial to consultant success
  • Where STEM students can find work within Deloitte
  • How theoretical division in heterodox and orthodox economics don’t figure into consulting work
  • The value of doing an internship and the decision to pursue grad school

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