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Labour Market Information


Labour Market Information

Lisa Lin, CaPS Resource Coordinator

This monthly bulletin aims to inform you of major news and trends in the Québec, Canada and U.S. labour markets. Your feedback is welcome: caps.library [at]

In this issue

  • Canada gained 58,000 jobs in the month of April 2012
  • A million young Canadians were neither in school nor holding down a job last year
  • Employers less likely to grant interviews to ‘ethnic’ applicants
  • Occupational highlight: Natural and Applied Science Policy Researchers, Consultants and Program Officers
  • And more!

The good news

U.S. jobless claims falls slightly
The Globe and Mail, 24 May 2012
Latest figures suggest U.S. labour market continued to expand at moderate pace.

Canada’s job growth soars above forecasts
The Globe and Mail, 11 May 2012
Canada’s economy gained 58,999 jobs in April, way above economists’ estimates of 10,000.


The bad news

For almost a million young people: No job, no school
The Globe and Mail, 23 May 2012
Nearly a million young Canadians were neither in school nor holding down a job last year, a proportion that has inched higher since the recession but remains lower than in most other G7 nations.

2000 emplois perdus au cours de la dernière décennie
La Presse, 10 May 2012
The forest industry in the Outaouais region has lost 2,000 jobs over the past decade.

Cuts will drag on economy: report
Montreal Gazette, 26 April 2012
Canadian federal government will cut more than $ 5 billion in spending and have 108,000 fewer jobs by 2015.


Other news

Francophone name gives edge in job hunt, research shows
Montreal Gazette, 30 May 2012
A study confirms that foreign-sounding last names prevent applicants from finding a job in Quebec.

Statistics Canada – Labour Force Survey
April 2012
Employment increased by 58,000 in April, mostly in full-time work. This was the second consecutive month of notable gains after four months of little change. With more people searching for work, the unemployment rate increased by 0.1 percentage points to 7.3%.

Statistics Canada – Study: Youth neither enrolled in school nor employed, 2011
In 2011, 13%, or 904,000, of the 6.8 million Canadians aged 15 to 29 were neither in school nor did they have a job. This proportion, which has changed little during the past decade, has been among the lowest of all G7 nations.

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Occupational highlight

Natural and Applied Science Policy Researchers, Consultants and Program Officers (4161)

Natural and applied science policy researchers, consultants and program officers conduct research, prepare reports, provide consultation and advice and administer programs in a variety of areas related to the natural and applied sciences. They are employed by federal, provincial and municipal governments, computer and office furniture manufacturers, educational institutions, research organizations, consulting firms, environmental and conservation organizations, or they may be self-employed.  Job prospects in this occupation are fair. 

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Lisa’s Corner

Are you looking for research jobs?
ResearchGate ( is built for scientists, by scientists.  The website contains more than 19,000 international job listings in science and research.  The site is searchable by location as well as by discipline -  from Anthropology to Social Science.  ResearchGate is also a professional network, allowing you to setup your own profile and network with fellow scientists and researchers in the field.


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