Meet the Team


Darlene Hnatchuk

Darlene Hnatchuk
darlene.hnatchuk [at]

  • At CaPS since 2013; At McGill since 2007; MSc Management and Organizational Development (Université Laval); BA Psychology (McGill)
  • Member and volunteer for the Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE); former National Board member and Quebec Regional Chair 
  • Experience background:  career services in post-secondary institutions, non-profit organizations, and the private sector
  • If I wasn’t at McGill, I would be...leading career education services/working in organizational development in another organization, or studying oenology and viticulture in France or New Zealand.

Administrative Officer

Jean Hepworth

Jean Hepworth

(on leave)
Administrative Officer
jean.hepworth [at]
514-398-3304 x0598

  • At CaPS since 1993; Certificate in Human Resources (McGill)
  • At McGill since 1977; started at the Faculty of Management, then CaPS
  • Campus-wide coordinator for myFuture and Career Fair organizer extraordinaire!
  • If I wasn’t at McGill I would be…an IT Guru, Workplace Efficiency Expert or Master Baker.

Career Education Professionals

Jan Bottomer

Jan Bottomer
(Maternity leave)
Career Advisor
Music and Arts
jan.bottomer [at]

  • At CaPS since 2007; MA Counselling Psychology (McGill), BSc Psychology (UBC)
  • Certified Canadian Counsellor, Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA); Member of Canadian Association of College and University Student Services (CACUSS) and the Network of Music Career Development Officers (NETMCDO)
  • Long-time musician; currently Principal Cellist with I Medici di McGill Orchestra. Five years international experience as a Business English Teacher in Prague, Lithuania and Berlin
  • If I wasn’t at McGill I would be…a Music Therapist, Family Physician, College/CEGEP Teacher, Daycare Director, Audiologist or Travel Writer.

Linda Cicuta

Linda Cicuta
Career Advisor
linda.cicuta [at]

  • At CaPS since 2001; Bachelor of Social Sciences (Ottawa University)
  • Previous experience in Recruitment and Consulting for entry level positions to upper management, in all industries and sectors
  • Teaching Career Development in CEGEP since 2014
  • If I wasn’t at McGill I would bea Carpenter or a Physical Trainer - maybe both!

Lisa Lin

Lisa Lin
Career Resource Consultant
caps.library [at]
514-398-3304 x00950

  • At CaPS since 2010; Master of Library and Information Studies and BCom Information Systems (McGill)
  • Previous experience in system analysis, office technology support, software design, web application development, web content management, and patient education reference.
  • Designed and developed student-centered websites, CaPS resources hub and career handouts.
  • If I wasn’t at McGill I would Entrepreneur, business analyst, financial advisor or teacher.

Lorna Maceachern

Lorna MacEachern
(On special project)
Career Advisor
Graduate Students and Postdocs
lorna.maceachern [at]

  • On leave. Currently leading the Individual Development Plan project at GPS (Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies)
  • At CaPS since 2006; MA Counselling Psychology (McGill) and BA Psychology (Concordia)
  • Licenced Psychologist with L’ordre des psychologues du Quebec (OPQ)
  • Member of Canadian Association of College and University Student Services (CACUSS), and Graduate Career Consortium (GCC)
  • If I wasn’t at McGill I would be…a Librarian, Doctor, Social Scientist, Computer Programmer, Economist, College/CEGEP Teacher or Radio Interviewer!

Cindy Mancuso

Cindy Mancuso
Career Advisor
Arts and Diversity
cindy.mancuso [at]

  • At CaPS since 2002; MEd Counselling Psychology (McGill), BA Sociology & Psychology (Concordia)
  • Certified Psychologist with the l’ordre des psychologies du Québec (OPQ); Member of Canadian Association of College and University Student Services (CACUSS)
  • Previous career experience in community-based organizations with marginalized women, new immigrants, and refugees, working with at risk youth, and working in the financial sector.
  • If I wasn’t at McGill I would be…a Broadway Performer!

Jesse McClintock

Jesse McClintock
Career Advisor
jesse.mcclintock [at]

  • At CaPS since 2017; M.Ed. Educational Counselling (University of Ottawa), B.A. Psychology (Carleton University)
  • Previous career advising experience in community-based organizations working with youth, recent graduates, and new arrivals to Canada.
  • If I wasn’t at McGill I would be… in public relations or a copywriter!

Susan Molnar
Career Advisor
Graduate Students
susan.molnar [at]

  • At CaPS since 2004; MEd Counselling Psychology (McGill), BA Philosophy & Fine Arts (Concordia)
  • Working on credentialing for membership into the Order of Psychologists; Member, Graduate Career Consortium (GCC)
  • 18 years of Career Counselling experience, initiated Business Skills for Creative Souls Program at Youth Employment Services (YES) Montreal; Active mosaic artist for the past 12 years & launched Artists Among Us at McGill
  • If I wasn’t at McGill I would be…an Art Collector, Philanthropist, Matchmaker, Mason, Private Investigator, Copywriter.

Catherine Stace

Catherine Stace
Career Advisor
Arts & Science, and Macdonald Campus
catherine.stace [at]

  • At CaPS since 2000; Lifelong student with degrees/certificates in Fine Arts, HR and Advising. Currently to be found haunting geography, digital humanities and education classes
  • Active member and past national board member of the Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE)  and Ancien présidente et membre du conseil régional du Québec de l'Association canadienne des spécialistes en emploi et des employeurs (ACSEE)
  • Previous experience in corporate sector and avid volunteer in not-for-profits
  • If I wasn’t at McGill I would be…the CEO of a large multi-national firm that devotes their spare time to philanthropic endeavors.

Melanie Walkty
Career Advisor
Music and Arts
melanie.walkty [at]

  • At CaPS since 2016; MA in Second Language Education (McGill) and BA in French & English Literature (Saint-Boniface University)
  • Educator with over 10 years of experience in post-secondary institutions  
  • Small business entrepreneur with a focus on local handcrafted food products
  • If I wasn’t at McGill I would be… a foodie traveler!

Administrative Staff

Josie Capizzi

Josie Capizzi
Student Recruitment and
Employer Liaison Coordinator
josie.capizzi [at]
514-398-3304 x0653

  • At CaPS since 2004
  • At McGill since 2002; two years at the Office of the Dean of Students prior to CaPS
  • Previous experience as a seamstress, a forelady in a factory and a small business entrepreneur
  • If I wasn’t at McGill, I would be...a Travel Agent or Librarian

Alexandra Preimess

Alexandra Preimess
alexandra.preimess [at]

  • At CaPS since 2004
  • Previous experience in HR at McGill
  • If I wasn’t at McGill I would in the North Pole researching the Polar Bears and polar ice packs or on the West Coast researching the magnificent Orcas or last but not least, living on the East Coast researching and living with the biggest and calmest animals in the world, the Blue Whales.

Susan Smith

Susan Smith
Macdonald Campus
Office Coordinator
susan.smith [at]

  • At CaPS since 1998; Certificate in Management (McGill); Animal Care (Vanier College)
  • At McGill since 1982 in a wide range of departments including the MNI, Institute of Parasitology and Macdonald Campus Distance Education
  • Previous experience as a Lab Technician in Medical Research
  • If I wasn’t at McGill, I would be...a Lab Tech, Courier, Long-Haul Trucker, or I’d work for a community service organization.

Kathryn Weaver

Kathryn Weaver
Administrate Coordinator
kathryn.weaver [at]

  • At CaPS since 2014
  • At McGill since 2003; 10 years as the Assistant to the Director of Athletics, one year at SSAO
  • Previous experience at Bombardier Aerospace in Public Relations and Marketing
  • If I wasn’t at McGill, I would be…the owner of a quilt fabric store or on a farm raising horses, quilting and spending lots of time in my garden.

Tim Wilfong

Tim Wilfong
Co-Curricular Program Officer
timothy.wilfong [at]
(514) 398-2073

  • At CaPS since 2018; at McGill since 2014; MMus Voice and Opera (McGill); BM Vocal Performance (New England Conservatory)
  • Previous experience in student affairs assessment, student records, data management, and academic affairs
  • Active classical singer, frequent collaborator with Opéra Café Concert, cantor and soloist at St. John’s Lutheran Church
  • If I wasn’t at McGill I would be… a food writer and restaurant critic!

Student Program Coordinators

Mentor Program Coordinator
514-398-3304 x0761
mentor.caps [at] (mentor.caps at

Career Leadership Program Coordinator
514-398-3304 x0761
caps.cpe [at] (caps.cpe at