Using Digital Trace Data and Social Media to Study International Migration: What probably doesn’t work and what might work


Webinar, CA

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This event features a webinar followed by a Q&A with Thomas Soehl & Aaron Erlich, McGill University.


Thomas Soehl is an Associate Professor of Sociology at McGill University and holds the Canada Research Chair in International Migration. His research highlights the importance of family dynamics and the inter-generational transmission of culture and socioeconomic characteristics. Taking seriously that every immigrant is also an emigrant, he examines migrants’ cross-border ties and how settlement reconfigures these ties. Taking a comparative view, he studies the diversity migration engenders, and the policies and politics emerging in response.

Aaron Erlich is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at McGill University. Dr. Erlich's research interests lie in democratization and democratic development. Much of his research addresses the role that information plays in developing democratic polities. He is also interested in advancing quantitative methods to measure the effect of information.



This webinar is part of our monthly LUNCH&LEARN series on population aging topics across all four CAnD3 axes. Each monthly webinar will take place on the 2nd Wednesday of the month from 12-1 pm.


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