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From Our Team Members

COVID-19 is not gender-blind | The Hill Times

Published: 23Feb2021

CAnD3 Director Amélie Quesnel-Vallée and Jaunathan Bilodeau discuss the differential effect the pandemic has had on men and women and the utility of a deliberate focus on the gendered experience in...

Vaccines give long-term care crisis a brief reprieve, but cannot stand as the solution | The Hill Times

Published: 23Feb2021

CAnD3 team member Janice Keefe discusses why long-term care in Canada is unjust and unsustainable and why it needs serious reform instead of returning to 'normal'. In this light, Dr. Keefe argues...

Presentation by team member Anna Zajacova and trainee Anthony Jehn on health behaviour changes during the pandemic

Published: 18Feb2021

CAnD3 team member Anna Zajacova, trainee Anthony Jehn, and colleagues will be discussing their recent paper on changes in health behaviours during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic and...

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