Special Events Safety

Special Events Safety


To ensure your event's safety and to meet current laws and regulations, the following fire prevention issues may be addressed with us:

  • Extinguishers and other fire protection equipment
  • Crowd control / emergency measures
  • Room capacity and fire exits
  • Cooking, food warming
  • Furniture/chair set-up
  • Temporary electrical installations
  • Tents, stages and other structures
  • BBQs 
  • Precautions for storage and garbage


These Guidelines address the majority of issues which may arise in planning your event.


For Special Events with Barbecues

Types of BBQs Authorized on Campus

There are two types of BBQs authorized for use on campus:

  1. Propane

    - Domestic style BBQs are authorized for continuous cooking periods of one meal (4 hours or less).
    - Commercial style BBQs (a suggested supplier list is available from our office).
    - ULC listed units only.

  2. Charcoal


BBQ Set Up

  • Make sure the unit is stable.

  • Install on a non-combustible surface.

  • Establish a 1 m. safety perimeter around the unit.

  • No combustibles within a 3 m. radius (including food tables).

  • For commercial style units, propane cylinders must be located a minimum of 3 m. away from the BBQs they fuel. Note: Confirm availability of 3 m. tubing with your supplier.

  • BBQs must be set up 5 m. away from any tents, inflatable or other temporary structures.

  • No cooking is permitted under tents.


Storage of BBQs Before and After Events

There are no restrictions other than propane cylinders are not permitted in the buildings.


Discarding of Ashes from Coal BBQs

  • Completely douse the hot coals with water.

  • Discard in a metal container.


Fire Protection

  • Make sure that you have borrowed fire extinguishers from the Fire Prevention Office (the quantity required for your event will be determined by the FPO).

  • You are responsible for the units borrowed. If the units are used to extinguish a fire, Fire Prevention will be responsible for refilling the units. If used for any other reason however, you will be billed for recharging of the units.

  • All borrowed extinguishers are to be returned to the Fire Prevention Office within 24 hours after the end of the event.


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