Planning Responsibilities

Campus and Master Planning

Master planning initiatives cover a range of subjects and seek to provide a comprehensive roadmap for the future of the campus. In particular, our master planning process encompasses the following themes:

  • Campus planning and design principles
  • Real estate
  • Landscape
  • Transportation
  • Student life and Learning
  • Macdonald Campus

Transportation Planning

bikesTransportation is an important factor in the daily lives of McGill students, staff and faculty. Our transportation planning activities seek to enhance and maintain accessibility to, from and between our campuses with a particular emphasis on promoting active and sustainable modes.

  • Master plan
  • Ongoing monitoring of transportation activities
  • Cycling as an important mode

Space Allocation and Compliance

The effective use of space resources is critical to the success of the university. CPD is actively involved in the allocation and reallocation of space to ensure that the specific needs of academic and administrative units are met.


Space data collection, management and reporting

Effective planning decisions must be supported by strong, accurate and up-to-date data. Additionally, this data is used to produce annual reports that define capital and building operating grants from the Quebec government. Certain data is also available to the McGill community upon request.

Visit our Maps and Geospatial Data Page

Real Estate and Development

The management of real estate is a critical component of CPD’s mandate to guide the physical development of McGill’s campuses. More specifically, CPD is actively involved in:

  • Initiation and management of rentals and leasing as tenant and as landlord
  • Acquisition and release of property
  • Leading and monitoring development projects
  • Coordinating capital budget submissions to the Government of Quebec
  • Making recommendations for the distribution of capital funds in support of priority projects


Municipal interface and zoning

Given that our campuses are located in two Montreal boroughs (Ville-Marie / Plateau/Mont-Royal) as well as the city of Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, maintaining communication with municipalities is critical. Our team is in regular contact with city staff regarding a range of subjects including but not limited to zoning, development approvals and transportation.

Stakeholder Engagement

Effective stakeholder engagement is critical to ensure the success of planning projects and CPD is committed to engaging with stakeholders throughout the planning processes that we lead. By actively soliciting input from internal and external stakeholders and communities we are able to enhance the campus and ensure that benefits are maximized for the greatest number of people.

Stewardship of Committees and Working Groups

A number of active committees serve as the framework through which projects and plans are reviewed, developed and approved at McGill. CPD participates in these groups as either organizer or member with the objective of ensuring that established planning principles are considered throughout decision making and advisory processes.

  • Building and Property Committee (resource membership)
  • Senate Committee on Physical Development
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