Working group members were selected for their expertise and to represent a broad range of perspectives from across the McGill community. 

  • Martin Krayer von Krauss, Manager of McGill’s Office of Sustainability (CHAIR)
  • Tanja Beck, Access Services Advisor in the Office for Students with Disabilities;
  • Kevin Byers, Operations Administrator, Security Services;
  • Paul Guenther, Physical Planner with Campus and Space Planning;
  • Harald Kliems, The Flat Bike Collective;
  • Kevin Manaugh, Professor of Geography;
  • Lorraine Mercier, Director of Facilities, Operations and Development;
  • Mitch Miller, Student Life Coordinator in the office of Campus Life and Engagement;
  • Joey Shea, SSMU Vice-President (University Affairs);
  • Virginie St-Pierre, Facilities, Operations and Development;
  • Dea van Lierop, Graduate Research Assistant with Transportation Research at McGill in the School of Urban Planning;
  • Claudette van Zyl, SSMU representative;
  • Amanda Winegardner, PGSS Environment Commissioner;
  • Wayne Wood, Associate Director of University Safety;

Julia Solomon, a Senior Communications Specialist for University Services, and Doug Sweet, Director of Internal Communications, will participate in the working group as ex officio observers. Lysiane Sevigny (Facilities, Operations and Development) will serve as secretary for the working group.

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