Beverly Myers

While she has worked all over Canada and the U.S., it was at McGill that Dr. Beverly Myers, MDCM’61, learned the importance of professional responsibility. “I was a student intern at the Royal Victoria Hospital, and I was trying to get to my class on time, so I rushed through a patient assessment,” she recalls. “A supervisor really lectured to me about that. I remember he told me how important it is to be responsible to your patient. Those words stayed with me forever.”

A loyal McGill annual donor, Dr. Myers has given to society both through her philanthropy and her occupation. After graduation, she continued her studies in the U.S., and by 1980, the doctor, who worked mainly with children with developmental disabilities – became “triple boarded” in pediatrics, child psychiatry and psychiatry. She started the Child Psychiatry division at Brown University School of Medicine.

Dr. Myers eventually opened her own private practice in Rhode Island and continues to work with children. But she remains connected to her Canadian alma mater and is a regular reader of both the McGill Journal of Medicine and McGill News.

“Being Canadian is a big reason I give to McGill,” she says. “Although I lived, studied and worked in the U.S. for decades, I was never willing to give up my Canadian citizenship, even when – and this is back when I was still studying medicine – it meant I missed a chance at a NY state scholarship.”

She recalls her commitment to McGill was strong from the very beginning. “Right from the beginning, our class – the Class of ’61 – declared we would support McGill.” She made her first gift the year she received her degree – and has continued ever since.

“I find McGill works extremely hard at keeping the connection; the extensive outreach from the University keeps the connection alive.” Humbly, she asserts, “It isn’t me making the initiative.”

Surprising. It’s not like her to shun responsibility.