Pack, Christopher

Assistant Professor

Department of Neurology & Neurosurgery. McGill University

3801 University Street
Room 896
Montréal, Québec H3A 2B4

514 398-1254

514 398-5871

christopher.pack [at]

Research Interests:
The goal of my research is to achieve a detailed understanding of the manner in which the cortex processes visual information, and how this processing leads to perception and behavior. In particular, we wish to understand the role of higher cortical areas in processing complex stimuli in a manner that is useful for perception and behavior. We use microelectrode recordings from single and multiple neurons to understand the circuitry of visual motion processing, and we combine this work with studies involving eye movements, transcranial magnetic stimulation, and psychophysics. In order to link these various levels of investigation we use computational modeling to relate the activity seen at the neuronal level to the observations made at the level of behavior and conscious perception. The long-term value that comes from this work is a scientific understanding of the biological basis of mental function, including the “neural code” by which the brain represents sensory information. This sort of knowledge will create the opportunity for understanding exactly what goes wrong during neurological disease and for designing new strategies for therapy and intervention.

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