27 September 2010

 Towards Darwin gradualism: Evolution can tune the ruggedness of evolutionary landscapes

 Stuart Kauffman (University of Vermont and Santa Fe Institute)

12 October 2010

 Microheterogeneity in cardiac tissue: Impact on conduction and arrhythmogenesis

 Craig Henriquez (Duke University)

18 October 2010

 Untangling object recognition: The convergence of systems neuroscience and computer vision

 Jim Dicarlo (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

28 October 2010

 Theory and applications of Langrangian coherent structures

 George Haller (McGill University)

11 November 2010

 Sources of delay in gene regulation

 Tomas Gedeon (Montana State University)

12 November 2010

 Toward a calculus for our era: Remodeling math education intoday’s university

 Daniel Kaplan (Macalester College) 7. November 25



26 January 2011

 The creative nature of neurons: How heterogeneous networks provide a rich repertoire of brain activity

 Jean-Philippe Thivierge (University of Ottawa)

9 February 2011

 Novel approach for the treatment of chronic pain associated with arthritis

 Maria Osikowicz (McGill University)

11 March 2011

 Cancer modeling and drug schedule optimization at Physiomics

 David Orrell (Physiomics, UK)

7 April 2011

 Design of regulation and dynamics in simple biochemical pathways

 Somdatte Sinha (Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology, India)

18 April 2011

 Statistical methods and software for high-throughput gene expression experiments using mRNA-Seq

 Sandrine Dudoit (University of California, Berkeley)

27 April 2011

 The physics of fat: Mathematical modeling of metabolism, body weight change, and obesity

 Kevin Hall (National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive an Kidney Diseases)

17 May 2011

 Fourier phase contrast and multimodal optical micrscopy

 Chandra Yelleswarapu (University of Massachusetts)

19 May 2011


 John Bush (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)