About Us

Welcome to CAMBAM!

The past decade has witnessed a renaissance in the biological sciences with a new and almost insatiable desire for interdisciplinary research with the physical and mathematical sciences. The life sciences have been propelled into the quantitative era, and there is now a demand in academia, government, and industry for people who speak the languages of the mathematical, physical, and biological sciences. CAMBAM is precisely aimed at satisfying this demand by providing the knowledge base to deal with this interdisciplinary need based on our unique talents and experience as some of the pioneers in the establishment of mathematical biology and biophysics. We are dedicated to translating our experience and knowledge into practical solutions for problems of societal and industrial importance.

CAMBAM engages in a number of activities geared towards meeting these objectives. Our seminar series and workshops will bring investigators, representatives of different research departments as well as representatives of industry together to present on-going research and also to engage in constructive reflection on areas where mathematical approaches are useful and needed.

CAMBAM is also activeley engaged in training future leaders to work at the interface of the mathematical and biological sciences. We run and/or support summer schools on different themes. Our most recent summer school was held at McGill University in May 2010 under the theme Nonlinear Dynamics in Biological Networks. As many as 60 graduate and postgraduate students participated representing at least 12 different countries.

We invite you all to come share in this wonderful initiative by participating in our different activites and really do hope to see you in the weeks and months to come.


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