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Business Production (ISR)
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SMI - Business Production

Provides oversight and leadership in enterprise batch job scheduling, production control, change control, data handling and reporting. Prepares and manages complex workflow automation procedures in a multi-platform environment. Focuses on the planning and integration of recurring processes, change management, secure data handling, reporting, resource optimization, problem tracking, regulatory compliance and procedural documentation.

SMI - Business Production is a subunit of SMI Network and Communication Services .

Contact us:

Please send email to ISR Business Production Group and we will respond as soon as possible. If it is an urgent situation during a workday call one of the numbers listed below..

Portfolio Manager
Katrina Paris (514) 398-4939
Wasim Beshara IT Tech Lead (514) 398-1762
Munira Arbach Production Control Developer (514) 398-2051
Henry Zurowski Production Control Developer (514) 398-1742
Gaiane Karapetian Production Control Analyst (514) 398-1681

If it is an urgent situation please call NCS Operations at 514-398-3699.


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