Furniture Standards

All furniture used by Faculties and Administrative Units at McGill must adhere to a set of standards established by the University's Design Services. These guidelines are aimed at providing optimal spatial organization, while making McGill spaces sustainable and adapted to user needs. You will find them further down in this page.

Official furniture suppliers are selected through public tenders based on criteria such as quality, durability, customer service and cost.

You will find below information on the suppliers selected for different types of furniture.

For more information, please contact infodesignservices [at] (Design Services).


Can include, but is not limited to the following spaces: closed offices, open work areas, conference and meeting rooms, etc.

For the full list of McGill's current office furniture suppliers, see this announcement.

Catalogues for some of the other suppliers are available upon request. Please contact infodesignservices [at] (Design Services).


Can include, but is not limited to the following spaces: teaching spaces, classrooms, computer laboratories, etc.


Can include, but is not limited to the following spaces: libraries, open spaces, cafeterias, informal spaces, offices, lounges, etc.


When installing new partitions in new or existing spaces across the campus, this architectural partitions specification catalogue shall be used as a reference in order to comply with University requirements, norms and standards.

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