How To Documentation

The following documents provide step by step instructions on how to navigate the most popular Budget Module forms. These instructions are intended to provide a refresher of the hands on training, at your convenience. They are not intended to replace the formal training courses.

For additional assistance please contact Roula Mpekios at (514) 398-1330.

Input Documentation

Budget Maintenance Module

FZABTDO - How to process a Budget Transfer

Budget Development Module

FZABDFO - How to allocate a budget

FZABDFP - How to enter non-salary budget amounts

FZABDPN - How to enter salary budget amounts

FZABTXT - How to add document text for 1A/B budget

FZABDFP - How to complete the FOP allocation

FZABDFO - How to sign off a budget


Query Documentation

Budget Maintenance Module

FZIBTDO: How to view the Budget Transaction Query by Document

FZIBLFP: How to view the Budget Ledger breakdown by FOAPAL

FZIBLPN: How to view Budget Ledger Query by Position

FZIBLIN: How to view the Budget Ledger Incumbent Query by Position

FZIBLAS: How to view the Budget Ledger Account Breakdown for a fund