Operating Budget

The Operating Budget groups a subset of all unrestricted funds; Operating- university allocation (1A) and Operating - self-financing (1B) fund types only. The budgets of these operations are administered by the Office of the Budget.

Operating – university allocation (1A) funds are those units that are provided a budget by the University, in order to operate. Budgets are determined and allocated via the compact process, Academic Renewal and/or the Priority Pool. Generally, distribution is made to the Faculty or Major unit level.

Operating – self-financing (1B) funds are required to submit a formal budget annually. These operations must be self-supporting.

For purposes of formal internal or external reporting (including the Annual Budget Report), all unrestricted funds (including 1C, 1D, 1E…) are captured, however, these additional funds are not required to submit formal budgets to the Office of the Budget, as they are administered by Financial Services.