Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the annual base allocation?

Generally, by June 1st* these allocations are set up and administered by Facilities Operations and Development.

* Effective fiscal year 2011-12, the fiscal year will commence in May.

My Faculty's compact document indicates that a specific renovation project is to be funded via the capital budget. How do I proceed?

All construction and renovation projects are managed by Facilities Operations and Development. Contact lysianne.sevigny [at] (Lysianne Sevigny) to proceed.

How do I access the capital renovation start up allocation?

A new fund is set up, annually, for each Faculty and the budgets are inputted by June 1st*. These budgets and funds are administered by the Capital Project Office.

* Effective fiscal year 2011-12, the fiscal year will commence in May.

What happened to the capital equipment allocations?

Historically the capital budget could be used to fund both equipment and renovation/construction expenses. Several years ago MELS changed the regulations regarding the capital budget and in general terms the capital budget can only be used to fund “immovable” capital assets such as renovations and construction.

What is eligible to be charged to the capital budget?

With the exception of IT related uses, all envelopes are currently being used for renovations. Contact the Capital Project Office for more details.

What are the transfer rules between capital and operating budgets?

Spending allocated from the capital budget is not interchangeable with the operating budget.

What is equipment considered... capital or operating?

Equipment is generally considered a capital asset, however the "capital budget" does not specifically support the purchase of equipement.

Do I have to spend my capital budget by year end?

Under normal circumstances, the capital budget must be spent in the year that it is allocated. If in exceptional circumstances, this is not possible, contact the Senior Manager, Capital Projects as soon as it is known that this may be the case.