Capital Budget

The Capital Budget is maintained through a coordinated effort between the Campus and Space Planning Office, the Capital Project and Unrestricted Accounting Office and the Associate Vice-Principal (University Services).

A distinction must be made between the Capital Budget and capital expenditures.

The Capital Budget is a funding source for certain capital expenditures. It is made up of the annual capital grant from the Province of Quebec, and may also include special envelopes from the Provincial Government.

Capital expenditures refer to all expenditures for items that have an extended service life and thus qualify to be capitalized and be amortized in the Plant Fund. These items include but are not limited to office and computer equipment, lab equipment, major renovations and construction projects. These items are not specifically addressed in this section.

Uses of the Capital Budget include, but are not limited to:

  • Annual base renovation allocations (faculty and non-faculty)
  • Renovation start up funds for new academics
  • Classroom and teaching lab renovations or improvements
  • Master Plan, faculty and institutional priorities
  • Property acquisitions
  • Repayment of campus renewal loans
  • IT Systems development, academic laptop and administrative computer renewal programs