Office of the Budget

Welcome to the Office of the Budget

The Office of the Budget is responsible for developing and implementing the University's annual multi-year budget plan and overseeing the management of the budget process.

The Director, Office of the Budget, reports to the Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic) and works closely with the Office of the Vice-Principal (Administration & Finance).


Specific responsibilities of the Office of the Budget

Duties are generally limited to Operating - university allocation funds (1A) and Operating - self-financing funds (1B), and include:

  • Provide support to the Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic) for completing the multi-year operating budget and the annual Budget Report
  • Forecasting operating revenues and expenses, with support from Planning & Institutional Analysis
  • Coordination of budgets for academic and non-academic salary policies
  • Budget control on salary and non-salary expenditures
  • Monitoring of carry-forwards and over-expenditures
  • Analysis and reporting of performance relative to Budget
  • Development of the Preliminary Budget Framework
  • Coordination of the annual Budget Development exercise
  • Budget Module security access and infrastructure
  • End user training, support and reporting services for budgets
  • Development and maintenance of the Banner Budget Module




Budget Book

The Annual Budget is built on integrated budget and resource allocation processes that are fully aligned with the University’s academic priorities.

Operating Budget

The Operating Budget groups a subset of all unrestricted funds; Operating - university allocation (1A) and Operating – self-financing (1B) fund types only.

Capital Budget

The Capital Budget is maintained through a coordinated effort between the Campus and Space Planning Office, the Capital Project and Unrestricted Accounting Office and the Associate Vice-Principal (University Services).