Agreements and Compacts

Agreements and Compacts (link) are a Faculty and Administrative unit expression of an integrated, multi-year, multi-fund planning and resource allocation process linked to the strategic plans and academic priorities of the University. The Director, Resource allocations, takes the lead on the creation of the Agreements and Compacts. The Associate Provost, Equity and Academic Policies, the Executive Director, Analysis, Planning, and Budget, and the Senior Director, Strategy and Operations, work together to ensure the various aspects of the agreements and compacts are prepared for review with the Provost, and that the Provost’s decisions are implemented.

The Agreements and Compacts process is an annual exercise based on planning initiatives within each area. It is couched within the goals and objectives articulated through the University's strategic planning exercises and results in corresponding commitments to direct resources to top academic priorities. The Office of the Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic) works closely with each area to establish appropriate and meaningful planning and monitoring tools. Key elements of the Agreements and Compacts process include:

  • Comprehensive financial review/global resource availability: the emphasis of the Agreements and Compacts is on global expense-revenue scenarios.
  • Multi-year multi-fund allocations: allocations are planned on a five-year time frame with varying degrees of detail and precision.
  • Academic renewal: tenure-track expenditures, for recruitment, salaries, start-ups and related items, are the drivers behind many resource allocations, including:
    • The Academic Renewal Plan, which establishes tenure-track complement targets. The Academic Renewal Envelope (ARE) is a budget mechanism intended to ensure that Faculties are provided with the funds needed for their tenure-track hires.
    • The Academic Renewal and the HR-Budget Feed, links the tenure stream budgets from HR appointments in order to ensure the timely transfers of budgets related to changes in appointment labour distributions.

Access the Agreements and Compacts Documents via D2

Documents related to the Agreements and Compacts process can be accessed by authorized users via a secure page upon providing a McGill username and password.

Any questions regarding the Agreements and Compacts process can be directed to Marilyn Baron at (514) 398-2312.

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