Branches Tutoring Program

The youth in/from care cohort, Fall 2023 - Winter 2024

Our Tutoring Program for current and former youth from care aims to provide academic and mentorship support to youth in high school and CEGEP who are in voluntary or involuntary care settings, encounter unique socio-economic barriers to their education due to extraordinary life circumstances, and are facing difficulties in any or all of the subjects of Math, Science, English, French, Writing or History. The overarching goal of the program is to help them gain confidence in achieving both academic and personal goals on their path to higher education.



How it works

Through the program, each student-tutee is paired with a McGill student-tutor who will provide academic and mentorship support on a weekly basis, from October 2023 till April 2024. The tutoring sessions are designed around fun warm-up activities, tutor-tutee relationship building, mentorship and a student-centered approach to teaching and learning.

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Need tutoring?

Participation in the Tutoring Program is by invitation only. If you know a high school or CEGEP youth in/from care who would benefit from this program, please veronica.amberg [at] (reach out to us). Please note that capacity is limited, and we are prioritizing CEGEP students for the 2023-24 cycle. High school students might also be admitted depending on capacity.

Why participate in our program?

Through the Tutoring Program, tutees will benefit from a student centered personalized support on more than the academic level. As we help them build strength and perseverance to overcome challenges in their education, we look to:

  • Help them yield better academic results
  • Increase their interest in specific fields of study where they initially faced difficulties
  • Improve their skills in time management, study techniques, and organization
  • Help them acquire new perspectives surrounding the attainability of higher education and university life by providing tangible examples and lived experiences
  • Increase their motivation to pursue post-secondary studies
  • Encourage them to consider their desired study path and get university-ready
  • Increase their enrollment in post-secondary programs and focus on areas of studies that interest them the most
  • Help them acquire a sense of friendship and feel supported through bonding with a university student

Likewise, tutees will benefit from:

  • Receiving trauma-informed, culturally sensitive academic guidance tailored to their needs, progress, and areas of interest
  • The opportunity to receive non-judgemental support from tutors who tailor their approaches to the challenges encountered by current and former YIC
  • Bonding with a university student to learn from them and see themselves in that same position
  • Learning about stress management, emotional regulation, organization skills, and how to make school an easier and more attainable experience overall
  • Getting university-ready
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Are you a McGill student or alum?

We're looking for McGill students or alumni interested in a volunteer tutoring opportunity. Ideally, you have prior experience in tutoring youth who face unique barriers to their education, and feel confident navigating social, emotional, or behavioural challenges that tutees might face. 

Hear it from previous tutors

Every semester, amazing students from across McGill volunteer as tutors with the Branches program.

Why get involved as a tutor?

Tutoring with Branches is an opportunity for current McGill students to gain valuable real-life experiences in community engagement, teaching and mentorship, peer support, equity training, and leadership, which builds into their personal and professional development and their record of work experiences. This is an excellent opportunity to build a hands-on training approach incorporating interpersonal and practical skills catered to an underrepresented and underserved population.

Eligible tutors:

  • are current McGill students, ideally with an academic background in the social sciences or social service
  • are interested in teaching/tutoring
  • ideally, have previous experience in tutoring and/or working with youth who face unique challenges and are looking to continue using their tutoring skills and providing support to younger students
  • seek a volunteering experience in mentorship/tutorship
  • are willing to attend tutor training sessions, workshops and events as planned on the program
  • are naturally inclined to connect with other students and provide help as needed
  • are patient, sympathetic and resourceful
  • hold the capacity to intervene using supportive de-escalation techniques should a tutee require emotional support
  • have a mentorship mindset and good interpersonal skills
  • are available for weekly tutoring sessions (October 2023 till April 2024, except for exam periods and holidays)
  • understand the value of the support they bring to tutees and the lasting impact of that support on their educational path and life outcomes in general
  • are cooperative and willing to follow up with the program assistant on a regular basis

McGill University is on land that long served as a site of meeting and exchange amongst
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