Pick Your Path for students receiving
(or who have received) youth protection services - 

PYP-YC recognizes the complex challenges which arise from involvement in the Child Protection System. This program aims to remove barriers for youth as they seek to gain autonomy and support in the transition to their next phase in life and help them overcome challenges on their way to higher education. Through PYP-YC, youth in/from care will be paired with a trained mentor who will assist them in autonomy building and the transition to university life, while co-creating a bond that is premised on the mentee’s own interests and goals.

The mentoring bond will consist of:

- A pairing process that ensures compatibility of the mentor/mentee,
- One-on-one weekly meetings facilitated by the mentor to assist the mentee in meeting practical goals or participating in recreational activities,
- Coaching in areas such as applying for university, CV building, budgeting, and time and stress management,
- The opportunity to engage in workshops relevant to wellness and autonomy building,
- Sessions devoted to fostering mentee interests and goals beyond the academic realm,
- Regular check-ins and de-briefs from both parties to adapt session objectives as the relationship progresses.

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Apply to be a mentee if:

  • You are a current or former youth from care (currently receiving or have received child protection services)
  • You are pursuing studies at the CEGEP level and are considering university studies
  • You are prepared to maintain a consistent bond with a mentor for a period of approximately 6 months (October 2023 until April 2024, excluding exam periods and holidays).

And if you feel you could benefit from…

  • Consistent and reliable mentorship from a McGill student mentor
  • Empowerment through the opportunity to co-create a path towards the next stage of your life
  • The opportunity to bond with an older student who models university life and demonstrates the attainability of higher education.
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Apply to be a mentor if:

  • You are a McGill student and familiar with university life
  • You are pursuing studies in the human sciences or in social work (an asset)
  • You are committed to acting as a role model to a youth and for a period of approximately 6 months (October 2023-April 2024, excluding exam periods and holidays).
  • You are organized, reliable, and capable of assisting youth who are facing challenges on their way to higher education

And if you feel you could benefit from…

  • The opportunity to gain perspective on the barriers which exist for youth in/from care, and supporting a student as they overcome them.
  • Acting as a role model and witnessing the transformational power of mentorship
  • Receiving ongoing support from a team dedicated to your own success in the program
  • Gaining valuable, real-life experience in community engagement, mentorship, trauma-informed care, and leadership
  • Building personal and professional development and increasing your record of work experience.

Parents, guardians, guidance counsellors,
and social/intervention workers

If you know of/are responsible for a youth in/from care whom you
would like to recommend for this program:

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