Kaia’tanó:ron Dumoulin Bush

""Kaia’tanó:ron is the incredible artist who created our website banner, program logo, and a number of other graphics on our site.

Born in 1992, Kaia’tanó:ron Dumoulin Bush is a Kanien’kehá ka/French-Canadian illustrator and visual artist from Montreal, Kahnawake, and Chateauguay, QC. In December 2018, she completed her BFA in Indigenous Visual Culture at OCAD University, graduating with distinction and winning the Indigenous Visual Culture medal. She has previously obtained DECs in Fine Arts and Illustration & Design at Dawson College. Since 2012, Kaia’tanó:ron has worked with the Encore! Sistema after school and summer camp programs based out of Karonhianonhnha School in Kahnawake, QC as a music and visual arts educator teaching violin to students from grades two to six. Her freelance practice has allowed her to work with a variety of organizations from Montreal, Toronto, and in-between such as The Ontario Children’s Advocate, Concordia University’s AbTeC lab, and The Walrus Magazine. In 2017, she participated in Toronto’s Nuit Blanche in collaboration with Deanna Bowen and Syrus Marcus Ware of Black Lives Matter, in Won’t Back Down - one of NOW Toronto’s top 10 must-see shows at Nuit Blanche 2017. In summer 2018, she celebrated the publication of her first graphic novel and trilingual (Kanien’kehá ka, French, and English) picture dictionary - Hé:, Ahsennénhkha! (Bravo, le Milieu! - Yay, Middle!) published by Kawennakátste’ Mohawk Language Arts. Recently, she celebrated the publication of her second graphic novel, Blueberries: Healing the Circle in March 2019.

You can visit Kaia’tanó:ron's website here: https://kaiatanoron.format.com/

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