2014 - Bloomfield Award Recipients

Neurodevelopmental, Neurodegenerative and Neuropsychiatric Diseases:  Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment

Roni Hogri  (McGill Host: Prof. Nahum Sonenberg)
Cerebellar involvement in autistic-like behavioral deficit elicited by disrupted mTOR signaling

Shlomo Sragovich (McGill Host lab: Prof. Kevin Petrecca),
NAP in preventing brain cancer treatment induced neuro-toxicity

Silvi Frenkel Toledo (McGill Host lab: Prof. Mindy Levin)
Understanding sensorimotor recovery after stroke: Mechanisms underlying loss of hand dexterity

Rachel Posner (McGill Host lab: Dr. Michael Hendricks)
The role of small RNA's in neuronal function and plasticity

Neomi Singer (McGill Host lab: Prof. Alan Dager amd Robert Zatorre)
Music to My Brain: Reward circuitry modulation via musical NeuroFeedback

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